• AAAWE is the first and only organization to focus on building the capacity and skills of African women economists.

  • If African women were given equal access to education and productive factors, growth rates could be as much as 0.8 percentage points higher.

    The World Bank

  • AAAWE creates opportunities for networking and mentoring for African women economists.

  • If more economists are women, economic analysis will be richer, and if more women are familiar with economic reasoning, public debate will be stronger and deeper.

    Jonung and Stahlberg, Econ Journal Watch, 2008.

  • AAAWE assists African women economists to obtain grants, fellowships and internships.

  • AAAWE assists African women economists to publish their work in scholarly journals.


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News and Events

  • AAAWE signs an agreement with the University of Kansas, US.
  • AAAWE has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in the US