elizabeth-asieduMessage from the President

Professor Elizabeth Asiedu
Department of Economics, University of Kansas
Email: elizabeth.asiedu@aaawe.org
Webpage: http://people.ku.edu/~asiedu/

Mission: AAAWE builds the capacity and enhances the scholarship of African women economists

Welcome to the Association for the Advancement of African Women Economists (AAAWE). AAAWE, established in March 2012, is the first and only organization that focuses on building the capacity and skills of African women economists. AAAWE engages in several activities; creating opportunities for networking and mentoring, assisting members to obtaining grants, fellowships and internships, and facilitating the creation and sharing of knowledge among members. As of January 2022, there are 1140 members representing 67 countries (39 countries in Africa and 28 outside Africa); 898 of the members (i.e., about 80 percent) are African women economists. Furthermore, 695 of the African women economists live in Africa (which is comprised of 410 professionals and 285 students). The remaining 203 members (which is comprised of 92 professionals and 111 students) live outside Africa. AAAWE has branches in four African countries: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda. Membership is open to everyone; any individual interested in the advancement of African women economists may be a member of AAAWE. We need your financial support to run the organization and appreciate a donation from you. For information about how to join, please go the Membership page, go to the Activities page for information about AAAWE activities, and visit the Donation page for information on how to donate to the organization. Please contact me if you have questions about the organization: elizabeth.asiedu@aaawe.org.

Elizabeth Asiedu