David been appointed as our interim pastor, he has a bachelor degree in religious studies and a masters degree in Divinity from McMaster University.

Pastor David has over 15 years of pastoral experience, throughout Ontario and Quebec. Praise God for providing such a spirit led pastor.

We are so Blessed.

The picture of the Christian in the world is well illustrated by the analogy of the train station. We (Christians) are waiting in the station to board the northbound (heavenly) train. We are surrounded by people who are preparing to board the southbound train, completely unaware of its tragic destination. Should we spend our time and energy pleading with them to switch trains? Or do we merely tidy up the train station instead? The answer is obvious, and those who would tidy up the culture for the culture’s sake are not only missing the point, they are misunderstanding the reason God leaves us in the world—to be His witness to the lost and condemned. Such a mission is far more “good and profitable to men

He is passionate about the privilege he has been given to live his life in such a way as to make Jesus visible. Whether he is enjoying his hobbies of golf, hunting, or fishing or simply spending time at the gym exercising, Trey is convinced that wherever he is or whatever he is doing is an opportunity to show others Jesus. He considers it the greatest privilege to work and live for the Lord.