AAAWE Membership Dues – Ways To Pay

Your dues and donations will provide long-term support for AAAWE. AAAWE dues are good for one year and all payments are tax deductible.

There are 5 ways to pay AAAWE membership dues.

Option 1: Pay your own dues online.

AAAWE members click here to pay your dues online.
Please note you will directed to login to your membership account prior to paying your dues.

Option 2: Sponsor a member: pay for someone else online.

Click here to sponsor a member

Option 3: South African Residents – Make payment to a bank in South Africa.

Click here for instructions

Option 4: Pay your dues to a local AAAWE representative: you may pay in local currency. Available for selected countries.

(Ghana and Nigeria)

Click here for instructions

Option 5: Pay your dues by making a transfer through a Bank, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Send an email to for details.

Option 6: Pay your own dues by mail.

Click here to download the AAAWE dues form